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CASPT 2022

06-10/11/2022: The 15th International Conference on Advanced Systems in Public Transport 2022 (CASPT2022)

The 15th International Conference on Advanced Systems in Public Transport (CASPT2022) will be held in Tel Aviv (Israel) from 6th to 10th of November 2022.
It will be in conjunction with the 8th International Workshop and Symposium on Research and Applications on the Use of Passive Data from Public Transport (TRANSIT DATA).

ISERD - Horizon 2023-24

ISERD – Horizon Europe 2023-2024 – Calls for Proposals in Smart Mobility and Clean Transportation

ISERD - Israel-Europe Research & Innovation Directorate is Israel's national contact point for participation in the European Framework programme and is also responsible for promoting the participation of Israeli entities in the European Framework Programmes and in bilateral and multilateral research and innovation activities with European countries.

Horizon Europe is the 9th European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation for the years 2021-2027.
Horizon Europe is promoting excellence and providing support to top researchers and innovators to ensure a green, healthy and resilient Europe.

Draft versions of the Calls of Proposals for years 2023-2024 under the European R&I funding program - Horizon Europe - are available, and you can start working and enjoy the benefits of early start!

Please refer to ISERD's Leaflets (in the links below) for exploring funding and collaboration opportunities for any kind of innovation technologies and methods in the fields of Smart Mobility and Clean Transportation.

  • Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility (CCAM)
  • Multimodal transport, infrastructure and logistics
  • Safety and resilience
  • Zero-emission road transport
  • Aviation
  • Waterborne transport
  • Impact of transport on environment and human health
  • Battery value chain
  • Emerging breakthrough technologies and climate solutions

For more details, please contact Hagit Schwimmer.

BGRacing TEAM 2022

BGRacing (Ben Gurion University’s Formula Student Team) Made History in Formula Students (FS) International Race Competitions with their Electric Race Car

This August, the Ben Gurion University students’ formula team, BGRacing, made history by being the first Israeli team to participate in and complete Formula Students (FS) International race competitions with an electric race car they designed and built.

First, BGRacing participated in the prestigious Formula Student Germany FSG2022 competition in the Grand Prix Formula One track in Hockenheim. One hundred international teams from across the globe participated in this competition, where 69 of them had an electric race car.

Next, BGRacing participated in the Rimac Group Formula Student Alpe Adria FSAA2022 competition in Croatia with 35 other international teams.

This achievement is expected to contribute significantly to Israeli Motorsport and racing. It expects to attract the best talents and students, and thus to contribute to the Israeli Smart Transportation efforts.

The participation in the competition was supported by Ben Gurion University, multiple Israeli industrial partners and the Israeli Smart Transportation Research Center. They supported the team with stipends, grants and technical advisory.

BGRacing team started the design and the development of the Autonomous Electrical Race Car that expects to participate in the international FS competitions in summer 2023!

Dr. Igal Bilik
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
Chair of the Automation and Connectivity Professional Committee, ISTRC

Ministry of Transport 2022

קול קורא להגשת הצעות מחקר בנושא תחבורה חכמה לשנת 2022 – משרד התחבורה והבטיחות בדרכים בשיתוף עם משרד החדשנות, המדע והטכנולוגיה

המועד האחרון להגשת הצעות על ידי החוקרים: 11.8.2022
המועד האחרון להגשת הצעות על ידי המוסדות: 18.8.2022

משרד התחבורה והבטיחות בדרכים בשיתוף עם משרד החדשנות, המדע והטכנולוגיה פרסם קול קורא להגשת הצעות מחקר בנושא תחבורה חכמה לשנת 2022, במטרה להמשיך ולקדם את תחום המחקרים היישומיים באקדמיה ומכוני המחקר. מהלך זה תורם להמשך מיצובה של מדינת ישראל בחזית הידע והמחקר העולמי בתחום זה.

קול קורא להגשת הצעות מחקר בנושא תחבורה חכמה לשנת 2022