Aiming to promote an ongoing research in the Smart Transportation domain towards world class achievements, the center defined a mechanism, designed to address the rapidly evolving challenges due to emerging technologies and other influential forces in the field.

Hence, we fund two main annual activities:

  1. KNOWLEDGE GAP RESEARCH – Conducted by each of the center’s Professional Committees. All reviews include recommendations for research topics within each committee's domain.
  2. ISTRC Annual CALL FOR RESEARCH – Topics recommendations defined by the center’s Professional Committees, based on the Knowledge Gap Research and the results of the surveys conducted by the center.

Please find below the winning proposals for each Call for Research as well as the Knowledge Gap Research Reviews.

ISTRC Annual Call for Research 2020-2021

The Grant Evaluation Committee of the ISTRC Annual Call for Research 2020-2021 consisted of 8 members (5 from Israeli academic institutions and 3 from academic institutions from abroad), completed the assessment process and sent notifications to all Principal Investigators (PIs).

Proposals have been reviewed by experts from over 25 countries, among them 10 Editors and Associate Editors of high impact factor journals in the field. A total of 193 reviews were conducted by the reviewers.

The Call includes 3 types of research proposals: Small, Medium and Large.

The original budget of the Call was NIS 3,500,000. However, the Grant Evaluation Committee highly recommended the funding of 4 additional proposals (3 Medium and 1 Large) for an additional amount of NIS 1,400,000. The ISTRC Steering Committee has approved a total amount of NIS 4,900,000 as the final funding of this Call. The funding goes to the academic institution of the Principal Investigator (PI).

ISTRC Annual Call for Research 2020-2021-SuccessRate.xlsx
Research TypeNo. of Submitted ProposalsNo. of Funded ProposalsSuccess Rate %
Small 25936.00%


ISTRC Annual Call for Research 2020-2021_Winners_FINAL_ForWeb.xlsx
Research SizeResearch TitleResearchersPI's Academic InstitutionPI's Faculty/Department
SAdopting automated vehicles to create equitable transport marketsProf. Nicole Adler, Mr. Amir BrudnerThe Hebrew University of JerusalemThe School of Business Administration
LStudies of Advanced Lithium-Ion Batteries for Electric Vehicles: Modification of Li, Mn-rich Cathode Materials with Surface Coatings via Atomic Layer DepositionProf. Doron Aurbach, Prof. Yair Ein-Eli, Dr. Hadar Sclar, Dr. Sandipan Maiti, Prof. Boris Markovsky, Dr. Alexander KraytsbergBar-Ilan UniversityChemistry
MBats-Inspired Spectrum Allocation in Cognitive RadarsDr. Igal Bilik, Prof. Yossi Yovel, Mr. Menahem OrenBen-Gurion University of the NegevElectrical and Computer Engineering
SAirBay – a Distributed Ledger Platform for Trading UAVs' Air RightsDr. Rami PuzisBen-Gurion University of the NegevSoftware and Information Systems Engineering
LSmart Wearable Sensors for Monitoring Stress and Load in Driving TasksProf. Gil Luria, Prof. Hossam Haick, Dr. Hadas Marciano, Mr. Erez KitaUniversity of Haifa Human Services Department, Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Sciences
SPeer Effects and Workers Preferences Regarding Working from HomeProf. Eyal Winter, Dr. Yevgeny Mugerman, Dr. Rinat MerkovichThe Hebrew University of JerusalemSocial Sciences/Economics
MEvaluating the safety of signalized intersections by methods of video analyticsProf. Hillel Bar-Gera, Mr. Or SelaBen-Gurion University of the NegevIndustrial Engineering and Management
SPublic Transportation Literacy and the Accessibility of Elderly travelers under MaaSDr. Eran Ben-Elia, Dr. Svetlana Daichman, Prof. Hillel Bar-GeraBen-Gurion University of the NegevGeography
SDynamic routing to achieve efficient and fair distributionProf. Michal TzurTel Aviv UniversityEngineering/Industrial Engineering
MLaw and Ethics by Design in the Vision of the Zero Transportation ExternalitiesProf. Tal Zarsky, Prof. Yoram Shiftan, Prof. Amnon Reichman, Dr. Nathan Pinhas, Dr. Dalit Ken-Dror Feldman, Dr. Karni Chagal-FeferkornUniversity of HaifaFaculty of Law
SAn examination of safety impacts of high-occupancy vehicle lanesProf. Tomer Toledo , Dr. Victoria Gitelman, Prof. Shalom HakkertTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyTransportation Research Institute
SRoad tests of fuel savings by passive and active reduction of aerodynamic drag on the rear of a trailerProf. Avraham SeifertTel Aviv UniversityEngineering/Mechanical Engineering
SAn integrated model for shared mobility systems that considers endogenous demand and travel timesProf. Shlomo BekhorTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyCivil and Environmental Engineering
MUsing gamification as a tool for promoting sustainable use of Mobility-as-a-ServiceProf. Sigal Kaplan, Prof. Shlomo Bekhor The Hebrew University of JerusalemDepartment of Geography
MDriving pattern mining and speed-limit sign compliance using probe vehicle dataDr. Ayelet Gal-Tzur, Dr. Zohar Barnett-Itzhaki, Prof. Sagi Dalyot, Prof. Tomer Toledo, Prof. Silvio Nocera, Ruppin Academic CenterIndustrial and Management Engineering
MDesigning pricing strategies for sustainable urban mobility futures via high-fidelity simulation of large scale cities Dr. Bat-Hen Nahmias-Biran, Prof. YoramShiftan, Dr.Israel Feldman, Mr. Sami EdriAriel UniversityDepartment of Civil Engineering
MAutonomous Robotic Charging System for Electric vehiclesProf. Amir Shapiro Ben-Gurion University of the NegevMechanical Engineering Department
MDynamic capacity management for sustainable public transportation serviceProf. Tal Raviv, Dr. Yuval Hadas, Dr. Illit Oppenheim, Dr. Avi Tillman, Mr. Israel Rom, Mr. Or AsherTel Aviv UniversityIndustrial Engineering
MHybrid Planning for Last Mile Logistics Using Trucks and DronesDr. Erez Karpas, Prof. Per-Olof GutmanTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyIndustrial Engineering and Management
MGuiding and Guarding Deep Learning for Autonomous Vehicles using Scenario-Based ProgrammingDr. Guy Katz, Dr. Achiya ElyasafThe Hebrew University of JerusalemComputer Science
SLegal liability for the actions of Level 3 autonomous vehiclesProf. Yuval Shany, Dr. Omri Rachum, Mr. Gadi PerlThe Hebrew University of JerusalemFaculty of Law

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