Aiming to promote an ongoing research in the Smart Transportation domain towards world class achievements, the center defined a mechanism, designed to address the rapidly evolving challenges due to emerging technologies and other influential forces in the field.

Hence, we fund two main annual activities:

  1. KNOWLEDGE GAP RESEARCH – Conducted by each of the center’s Professional Committees. All reviews include recommendations for research topics within each committee's domain.
  2. ISTRC Annual CALL FOR RESEARCH – Topics recommendations defined by the center’s Professional Committees, based on the Knowledge Gap Research and the results of the surveys conducted by the center.

Please find below the winning proposals for each Call for Research as well as the Knowledge Gap Research Reviews.

Call for Research 2021-22

The Grant Evaluation Committee of the ISTRC Annual Call for Research 2021-2022 consisting of 8 members (from 5 Israeli academic institutions) completed the assessment process and sent notifications to all Principal Investigators (PIs).

In total, during the assessment process 72 reviews were conducted by 67 academic experts from Israel and abroad.

34 proposals were submitted to this Call, out of which 7 will be funded.
The original budget of the Call was NIS 2,500,000. The ISTRC Steering Committee has approved a total amount of NIS 2,800,000 as the final funding of this Call based on the recommendation of the Grant Evaluation Committee.
The funding goes to the academic institution of the Principal Investigator (PI).


ISTRC Annual Call for Research 2021-2022 - WINNERS.xlsx
Research TitleResearchersPI's Academic InstitutionPI's Faculty/Department
Affordable Fuel Cells for Zero-Emission Transportation ApplicationsProf. Dario Dekel and Prof. Lior ElbazTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyDepartment of Chemical Engineering
RUBICON - Road Users Behavior In advanced CONtexts during the era of shared road space of autonomous, connected vehicles and human driversProf. Tal Oron-Gilad and Dr. Ilit OppenheimBen-Gurion University of the NegevDepartment of Industrial Engineering and Management
Bridging a Gap between Regular and Demand-Responsive Public TransportProf. Itzhak Benenson, Dr. Aleksey Ogulenko and Mr. Nir SharavTel Aviv UniversityDepartment of Geophysics
Adaptive Travel-time based Max-Pressure Traffic Signal Control using Deep Reinforcement LearningProf. Jack Haddad and Dr. Kouvelas AnastasiosTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyCivil and Environmental Engineering
Highly efficient power electronics wireless charging interface with reduced hardware requirementsProf. Alon KupermanBen-Gurion University of the NegevDepartment of Electrical and Computer Engineering
'More walking' as a means of optimized movement and mobility in multimodal transportation: Increasing walking among users of trip planning appsProf. Jonathan Rabinowitz, Dr. Yuval Hadas, Mr. Ben Galon and Ms. Inbal FriedlanderBar-Ilan UniversitySchool of Social Work
Teleoperation Interfaces for Last-Mile Delivery RobotsProf. Joel LanirUniversity of HaifaDepartment of Information Systems

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