Aiming to promote an ongoing research in the Smart Transportation domain towards world class achievements, the center defined a mechanism, designed to address the rapidly evolving challenges due to emerging technologies and other influential forces in the field.

Hence, we fund two main annual activities:

  1. KNOWLEDGE GAP RESEARCH – Conducted by each of the center’s Professional Committees. All reviews include recommendations for research topics within each committee's domain.
    The Knowledge Gap Research Reviews can be found HERE.
  2. ISTRC Annual CALLS FOR RESEARCH – Topics recommendations defined by the center’s Professional Committees, based on the Knowledge Gap Research and the results of the surveys conducted by the center.
    Please find below the winning proposals for each Call for Research.
Call for Research 2022-23

The ISTRC Annual Call for Research 2022-2023 Evaluation Committee has completed its assessment process.
The committee, consisting of 7 members from 5 Israeli academic institutions, managed a review process of 29 proposals conducted by 53 academic experts from Israel and abroad.
Based on the evaluation committee’s recommendation, ISTRC decided to fund 11 proposals, with a total budget of 2,500,000 NIS.

ISTRC would like to thank the members of the Call for Research 2022-2023 Evaluation Committee and to congratulate the winners. Notifications were sent to all Principal Investigators (PIs) who submitted a proposal.

The funding goes to the academic institution of the proposal’s Principal Investigator (PI).


Call for Research 2022-23 WINNERS.xlsx
Research TitleResearchersPI's Academic InstitutionPI's Faculty/DepartmentOutcome
A Two Stage Dynamic Delivery ProblemMichal Tzur and Marlin UlmerTel Aviv UniversityDepartment of Industrial Engineering
Big Data Analytics to Evaluate and Improve Policies of Shared E-scooters and MicromobilityHillel Bar-GeraBen-Gurion University of the NegevDepartment of Industrial Engineering and Management
Does Road Pricing Reduce Congestion, and How?Itai Ater, Adi Shany and Shoshana VassermanTel Aviv UniversitySchool of Management
Erythrocyte-based Characterization of Automotive Radars’ Radiation Exposure on Human HealthYuri Feldman and Gregory BarshteinThe Hebrew University of JerusalemDepartment of Applied Physics
Estimating the Incidence and Severity of Mobility Problems Across a PopulationKarel Martens and Matan SingerTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyFaculty of Architecture and Town Planning
Estimating the Safety Level of Urban Sites Based on the Analyses of Road-user Behaviours Using Automatically-generated Data: an Exploratory StudyWafa Elias, Victoria Gitelman, Etti Doveh and Jonathan AbirShamoon College of EngineeringCivil Engineering Department
Optimizing Route Controls for Public and Private VehiclesNathan Gartner, Sunbola Zatmeh-Kanj, Mark Eklin, Chronis Stamatiadis and Yuanchang XieAriel UniversityDepartment of Civil Engineering
Personalized and Automated TransportationBat-Hen Nahmias Biran and Francisco PereiraTel Aviv UniversityPorter School of Environmental Studies
Practical Legal and Ethical Policy for CATE (Connected and Automated Transportation Externalities)Tal Zarsky and Yoram ShiftanUniversity of Haifa Faculty of Law
Queueing-Based and Data-Driven Design of Emergency Transportation ServicesYossi Luzon, Ohad Eizenhendler and Erel AvineriAfeka Academic College of Engineering in Tel AvivSchool of Industrial Engineering and Management
Semantic Perception and Planning for Reliable and Safe Online Autonomous Navigation and Decision MakingVadim IndelmanTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyDepartment of Aerospace Engineering and Technion Autonomous Systems Program

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