Innovation Hubs


The Bar-Ilan Center for Smart Cities is recognized by the EU SMART SPECIALISATION PLATFORM as a Digital Innovation Hub providing necessary services and activities to promote the ecosystem’s growth. Therefore, it was added to the EU DIH Catalogue as a fully operational hub.

The Bar-Ilan Center for Smart Cities is an ecosystem for smart city development. Scientists, entrepreneurs, municipalities, solution providers and citizens work together to better understand the city’s needs and find appropriate solutions. The university campus acts as a living lab, where researchers and solution providers can test their ideas and solutions and get feedback from the end users: i.e., citizens. Cooperation between scientists and solution providers improves the solutions and helps in creating a new knowledge by both scientists and vendors.

The Center for Smart Cities hub services provide a home for digital and innovative SMEs to excel. These SMEs are provided with the infrastructure for technology-testing of their solutions, receiving financing advice, market intelligence acquiring skills and training on smart cities and their needs as well as networking opportunities.

The hub’s personnel are available for consultation and assistance in brainstorming, networking, and training. The team includes experts in entrepreneurship, digital technologies, funding and finance, market intelligence, urban planning and to facilitate the SMEs connection to the municipalities.




Capsula TAU

Capsula TAU is an accelerator & innovation center, which was established as a collaboration between the Fuel Choices & Smart Mobility initiative at the Prime Minister's Office and Tel Aviv University (TAU) and currently, is part of TAU. Capsula TAU is committed to positioning Israel as a significant entrepreneurship & innovation entity in the field of Smart Mobility. In addition, we are interested in cleantech and energy.

Capsula TAU is recruiting startups with functioning MVPs and accelerating these startups by connecting them to the industry and helping them to raise capital in a program based on proprietary methodology and connection to the academy.

Julia Shteingart - Managing Director


Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi form the world’s largest automotive alliance. It is the longest-lasting and most productive cross-cultural partnership in the auto industry. Israel is a key innovation hub for the Alliance, which operates an Innovation Lab in Tel Aviv and has invested in several Israeli start-ups.

The Alliance Innovation Lab Tel Aviv aims to advance the state-of-the-art mobility, with a main focus on vision sensors, cybersecurity, and data & AI. Through collaborations with promising Israeli startups and joint prototyping efforts, its mission is to identify and test Israeli technologies that could be implemented in future cars and services offered by the Alliance member companies.

The Lab is building on its advanced-engineering team located in Israel to serve as a bridge between the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi technical teams around the globe and the Israeli Automotive start-ups. The Lab also operates a unique 1600 m2 facility, which provides startups space and real Alliance vehicles to run Proof of Concepts. The facility is located in Park Atidim TLV, which serves as a smart city experiment zone for the Tel Aviv Municipality and University.

Since February 2018, the Lab has also operated under the new Technological Labs program of the Israeli Innovation Authority. The program enables the Lab to offer advantageous funding to start-ups for joint activities.

On the investment side, Alliance Ventures, a strategic corporate venture capital fund launched in 2018, targets technology and business model innovation in New Mobility, Autonomous Driving, Connected Services, EV & Energy and Enterprise 2.0. The fund pursues strategic investments at all maturity stages, focusing mainly on Series A and B, plus follow-on investments to support the start-up’s growth.

The fund operates globally, including in Israel and has invested in the Israeli Maniv Mobility Fund as well directly in two Israeli start-ups, Upstream Security and Otonomo.

Amos Schupak – Deputy Director, Operations & Business Development