Race Cars Student Teams

Formula Student Israel

BGRacing is the Formula Student team from Ben Gurion University of the Negev with 60 volunteering students from various faculties. The team participates within the FSAE Organization which is organized by the SAE and is open to engineering students from around the world, presenting their design and construction of a prototype race car.

The BGR team was founded in 2006. Since then, the team built 9 different race cars according to each competition rulebook, of which 3 of them are with an electric powertrain. In the 2015 FSAE competition, the team finished in 8th place, the highest achievement of any Israeli team so far!

In that same year, we developed our first electric car and since then the group has focused on electric vehicles, aiming to reach autonomous control in the near future.

The team is focused on the fourth electric race car and is planning on competing with it in the FSAE competition in Italy, Germany, and Croatia in the summer of 2022.

Opportunities for collaboration
In the fields of EV battery accumulators, Battery management systems, Traction inverters, EV motors, Vehicle sensors (cameras, wheel encoders, steering angle, GPS, IMU), control (sensors, actuators), simulations, data management (storage, code management), Integration for multi-disciplinary systems.

BGU_Racing Team

Formula Technion is a Formula Student team since 2013. Each year we design, build, and race an open-wheel formula car style at Formula Student competitions in Germany and other countries across Europe, which consist over 600 universities from all over the world. Up to 2020, we built an Internal-Combustion vehicles. We've managed in the last years to make desirable achievements and we hold the record for the lightest car in the history of the competitions. This year we are building our first fully autonomous electric racecar.

Formula Technion team provides students from all faculties a place to develop their skills, until they reach their full potential, alongside gaining new skills and interests. All while they make connections with their peers and our sponsors.

Opportunities for collaboration
Our team is a nonprofit team which depends on sponsors donations and cooperation with companies. In return, we offer an access to highly motivated and experienced graduates from all Technion fields and disciplines, a chance to introduce and advertise your company by displaying your logo on our racing car that takes part in many competitions worldwide, and in different events, in addition to make an appearance on our social media accounts.