Stakeholders Survey

We conduct a survey among stakeholders in the field of Smart Transportation from industry, the public sector and more.

We are inviting you to fill out the survey that will help us identify important topics for research, within the center’s defined research areas, and enable you to take part in the various activities of our center. Please dedicate about 15 minutes of your time for the survey.

Survey objectives

  1. Map the various stakeholders (authorities, organizations, companies, entrepreneurs, etc.).
  2. Learn about stakeholder needs and challenges in research, knowledge acquisition and human capital development, in order to incorporate these topics in the activities of the center’s Professional Committees and to advance them through Calls for Research and operational programs (such as dedicated learning programs, etc.).
  3. Identify stakeholders interested in collaborating with the center.
  4. Identify industry representatives and authorities interested in joining our Professional Committees.
  5. Identify researchers among industry and public sector stakeholders.

Thank you for your cooperation!