We invite researchers from all academic institutions in Israel who would like to collaborate in Smart Transportation research and beyond, to fill out the ISTRC Researchers Database Questionnaire in order to be included in the Researchers database below.

THIS IS USED IN RESEARCHERS PAGE!!! Researchers table with Full Name column with link to website (if there is any) and Email column with link to email. Researchers_182_UPLOAD_short_NoStudents_Href_WithMacro_Contact.xlsx
Full Name Academic InstitutionFaculty/DepartmentResearch InterestEmail
Achiya ElyasafBen-Gurion University of the NegevSoftware And Information Systems EngineeringModel-Based Software Engineering, Software Systems Verification And Validation, Context-Oriented Behavioral Programming, Evolutionary
Aharon Bar-HillelBen-Gurion University of the NegevIndustrial Engineering And ManagementVisual Object Detection And Tracking, Driver Gaze Distribution And Cognitive
Alfred M. BrucksteinTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyComputer ScienceTraffic Models, Swarming Behaviors, Multi-Agent Systems, Emergent Behaviors Due To Local
Alon KupermanBen-Gurion University of the NegevSchool Of Electrical And Computer EngineeringEnergy Conversion And Management, Wireless Power Transfer, Applied Control, Power Electronics And Electric
Amir ShapiroBen-Gurion University of the NegevDepartment of Mechanical EngineeringLocomotion of Multi-Limbed Mechanisms in Unstructured Complex Environments, Motion Planning Algorithms for Multi-Limbed Robots, Robot Grasping-Design, Control, and Stability Analysis, Climbing Robots, Snake Like Robots, Multi-Robot On-Line Motion Planning, and Agriculture
Amos AzariaAriel UniversityComputer ScienceHuman-Agent Interaction, Machine Learning And Reinforcement Learning, Autonomous Vehicles And
Anat TchetchikBar-Ilan UniversityGeography And Environment Consumer Behavior And Decision Making, Pro-Environmental Behavior , Non-Market Goods Economic Evaluation , Discrete Choice Modelling And Experimental Design
Ariel Epstein Technion - Israel Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering Advanced Electromagnetic Reflectors, Advanced Compact Antennas,
Asaf SonisBen-Gurion University of the NegevCommunication Systems EngineeringVanet, Sdn, Bin Packing, Interval
Asher YahalomAriel UniversityElectrical & Electronic EngineeringRelativistic Engine And Their Future Influence On
Avi ParushTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyIndustrial Engineering And ManagementHuman Behavior, Cognition, Human Factors, User
Avner RothschildTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyDmseHydrogen Fuel,
Avraham SeifertTel Aviv UniversityMech EngAerodynamics, Fuel Consumption, Flow
Ayelet Gal-TzurRuppin Academic CenterFaculty of EngineeringMobility Management, Social Media in Transportation, Transport-related Information Quality, Big Data, Transport and
Barak FishbainTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyCivil And Environmental EngineeringTraffic Data Analysis, Wireless Distributed Sensor Networks, Machine
Bat-Hen Nahmias BiranAriel UniversityFaculty Of EngineeringShared And Automated Mobility, Large-Scale Simulation, Travel Behavior, Project
Dalit Ken-Dror FeldmanUniversity of HaifaLawLaw And Technology, Privacy, Ethics, Autonomous
Dan FeldmanUniversity of HaifaComputer ScienceAutonomous Cars, Mapping, Real Time Systems,
Dan HermannAfeka - Tel Aviv Academic College of EngineeringMechanical Engineering / Automotive EngineeringNarrow Track Tilting Vehicle , Path Following Capabilities, Optimized Electric Drive Architecture, Simulation Of Real World Operation Energy
Dan SadotBen-Gurion University of the NegevEcePlastic Optical Fiber (Pof), Multi-Gig Communications, Intra-Vehicle Communications, Electro-Magnetic
Dani BroitmanTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyArchitecture And Town PlanningUrban Economics, Urban Land Use, Land Use
Daniel FelsensteinThe Hebrew University of JerusalemGeographyAgent Based Modeling, Land Use Transportation Modeling, Spatial
Daniel WeihsTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyAerospaceAutonomous Vehicles, Uam
Daniel ZelazoTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyAerospace EngineeringMulti-Agent Systems, Network Systems, Control
Dario DekelTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyChemical EngineeringFuel Cells, Electric Vehicles, Hydrogen Fuel
Dov DoriTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyIndustrial Engineering & Management Model-Based Systems Engineering, Conceptual Modeling, Opm Iso 19450 - Object-Process Methodology, Web-Based
Dr. Orly BarzilaiThe Academic College of Tel Aviv–YaffoInformation Systems Department Of The School Of Economics And Management, At The Academic College Of Tel Aviv Yaffo (Mta)Smart Junction, Social Priorities, Smart Fast Lane, Economical
Edna SchechtmanBen-Gurion University of the NegevIndustrial Engineering And ManagementSpeed
Eilat Nathan NavonThe Hebrew University of JerusalemPolitical ScienceRegulation, Regulatory Response, Autonomous And Connected Vehicles, Permission-Less Innovation, Urban, Regional, Metropolitan
Emanuel PeledTel Aviv UniversityChemistryHigh Energy , High Power And Low Cost Batteries, Silicon Anode, Fuel Cells Catalysts, Printed
Eran Ben-EliaBen-Gurion University of the NegevGeographyTravel Behavior, Serious Games, Behavioral Economics,
Eran FeitelsonThe Hebrew University of JerusalemGeographyUrban Planning, Transport Policies,
Eran ReuvenyTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyTtriSmart Systems Engineering, Architecture Framework, Ineterconnectivity, Interoperability, Smart Se Development
Eran Vigoda-GadotUniversity of HaifaPublic Administration & PolicyPerformance, Behavior, Trust,
Erel AvineriAfeka Tel Aviv Academic College of EngineeringDepartment of Industrial Engineering and ManagementIntelligent Transportation Systems, Travel behavior, Connected Vehicles, Private Rapid
Erez KarpasTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyIndustrial Engineering And ManagementAutomated Planning, Robotics, Mechanism Design,
Eyal Razy-YanuvBar-Ilan UniversityPolicy And RegulationCosts And Benefits, Environmental Performance , Alternative Propulsion, Risks
Eyal YanivBar-Ilan UniversityGraduate School of Business Administration; Bar-Ilan Center for Smart CitiesInnovation, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management and Smart
Gadi PerlThe Hebrew University of JerusalemFedermann Cyber Research Center (Law)Liability, Ethics, Law,
Gal Landau YaariTel Aviv UniversityCollar School Of Management
Gala YadgarTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyComputer ScienceStorage Systems, Service/Systems Availability, Collaborative Caching And Storage, Edge/Fog
Galit Cohen BlankshtainThe Hebrew University of JerusalemGeography And The School Of Public PolicyRoad Pricing, Policy Innovations, Transport Policy And
Gil GoobesBar-Ilan UniversityChemistryDesign and Analysis of Energy Related Materials, Carbon Capture
Gila AlbertHIT - Holon Institute of TechnologyIndustrial Engineering and Technology ManagementEvaluation of Safety Technologies, Driver Behavior, Transportation Economics, Transport policy and
Gilad Even-TzurTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyCivil And Environmental EngineeringGnss, Navigation
Gilad KatzBen-Gurion University of the NegevSoftware And Information Systems EngineeringDeep Learning, Deep Reinforcement Learning, Resource-Efficient Processing, Queue Management Using
Guy Moshe RossAfeka - Tel Aviv Academic College of EngineeringSchool Of Industrial Engineering & ManagementBehavior, Motivation, Promotion,
Haggai BackTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyVehicle And Mechanical LaboratoryAutonomous Vehicle Testing, Driving Approval , Sae Level Of
Haim AviramKinneret Academic CollegeSchool Of Social Sciences And HumanitiesExternalities, Land Use, Transportation Economics, Urban And Regional
Hillel Bar-GeraBen-Gurion University of the NegevIndustrial Engineering And ManagementTraffic Safety, Quantitative Methods, Network
Hofit Itzhak Ben ShalomShamoon College of EngineeringStructural EngineeringUrban Warming And Global Warming (Gw) Climate Change; Arid Zones; Sustainable Architecture
Igal BilikBen-Gurion University of the NegevElectrical and Computer EngineeringAutomotive Radar, Smart Sensing, AI For Radar, Sensor
Ilan AharonAriel UniversityElectrical & Electronic EngineeringPower Electronics, Hybridization Of Sources, Storage System, Sizing Of
Ilit OppenheimTel Aviv UniversityEngineeringHuman Behavior, Interactions, Personalization, ContextsILITO@TAUEX.TAU.AC.IL
Israel FeldmanAfeka - Tel Aviv Academic College of EngineeringEnergy And System EngineeringSystem Analysis, Data Science, Modeling,
Itzhak BenensonTel Aviv UniversityGeography And Human Environment, Porter School Of The Environment And Earth ScienceTraffic Modeling, Activity-Based Modeling, Data Analysis, Mode
Jack HaddadTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyFaculty of Civil and Environmental EngineeringTraffic Flow Theory, Traffic Control, Control Theory, Optimal Control, Model Predictive Control, Traffic Flow Simulations, Hybrid Systems, Large-Scale Transportation
Jamal RaiynAl Qasemi Academic CollegeComputer ScienceDeep Learning, Autonomous Vehicle, V2V, V2I, V2X
Jonathan D RosenblattBen-Gurion University of the NegevIe&MStatistics, Machine Learning, Big
Joseph TabrikianBen-Gurion University of the NegevElectrical EngineeringActive Sensing, Automotive Radar, Autonomous Driving, Radar
Karel MartensTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyFaculty Of Architecture And Town PlanningJustice, Transport Planning And Policy, Accessibility To Destinations,
Karni ChagalUniversity of HaifaLawLiability , Decision-Making,
Kfir AssorTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyTaspDrones, Smart City, Control,
Michael SegalBen-Gurion University of the NegevSchool Of Electrical And Computer Engineering, Communication Systems Engineering DepartmentVanet, Connectivity, Security, Optimization
Michael SoferBar-Ilan UniversityGeography And EnvironmentLocal Develoment, Rural Change, Regional Development, Rural
Michael WinokurHolon Institute of TechnologyTechnology ManagementSystems Engineering Approach To Smart Transport, Systems Design, Systems Simulation, Cyber Physical Systems For Smart
Michal TzurTel Aviv UniversityIndustrial EngineeringRouting, Dynamic Optimization, Transportation And Logistics, Small Package
Mor KaspiTel Aviv UniversityIndustrial EngineeringOperations Research, Analytics, Urban Transportation, Shared
Moshe AverbukhAriel UniversityElectrical/Electronic EngineeringUltracapacitors, Equivalent Circuit, Vanadium Redox
Nathan GartnerAriel UniversityDepartment of Civil EngineeringTransportation Systems Analysis, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Optimization and Simulation of Transportation Systems, Project Design and
Nathan PinhasTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyCivil EngineeringEthics, Autonomous Vehicles, Artificial Intelligence,
Nicole AdlerThe Hebrew University of JerusalemOperations Research And Operations Management Department, School Of Business AdministrationApplied Game Theory, Regulation, Congestion, Multi-Modal
Nir ShvalbAriel UniversityMechanical EngineeringPedestrians And Vehicle Motion Paradigms, Traffic Control, Speed
Nira MunichorBar-Ilan UniversityBusiness AdministrationConsumer Psychology And Behavior, Time Effects, Emotions, Framing
Noam HazonAriel UniversityComputer ScienceRide-Sharing, Human-Agent Interaction, Modeling Human Behaviour, Fair Cost
Ofer ZellermayerOno Academic College (and IDC)Ono Academic Collage - Business AdministrationConsumer, Decision, Automotive,
Ofir RubinBen-Gurion University of the NegevPublic Policy & AdministrationEnergy Economics, Driving Behaviour ,
Ofira AyalonSNI + University of HaifaSamuel Neaman Inst. TechnionTransportation And Energy Policy , Decision Making , Cost Benefit Analysis,
Omer LevBen-Gurion University of the NegevIndustrial Engineering And ManagementAlgorithmic Game Theory, Hot Lane
Oren Musicant Ariel UniversityIndustrial EngineeringDriver Behaviour, Traffic Safety, In-Vehicle Technology, Human
Oren NahumAshkelon Aademic CollegeAshkelon Accademic College, Faculty Of Economics, Economics And Logistics StudiesRouting, Evacuation, Multi-Objective
Ori PlonskyTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyIndustrial Engineering and ManagementBehavioral Economics, Prediction Of Human Behavior, Behavioral Mechanism
Orit HazzanTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyFaculty Of Education In Science And TechnologyComputer Science Education , Software Engineering Education , Data Science
Orit Rotem-MindaliBar-Ilan UniversityGeography And EnvironmentAccessiblity, Mobility, Policy, Travel
Orr DunkelmanUniversity of HaifaComputer ScienceCommunications Security,
Pnina PlautTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyArchitecture And Town PlanningAv Usage, Shared Av, Social Networks And Travel Behaviour, Maas, Smart
Prof. Igor VernerTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyEducation In Science And TechnologyEducation 4.0, Educational Robotics, 3D Design And Printing, Stem
Rami PuzisBen-Gurion University of the NegevSoftware And Information Systems Engineering Blockchain, Drones, Monitoring, Complex
Raziel RiemerBen-Gurion University of the NegevIndustrial Engineering and ManagementSustainability, Human Motion, Materiel
Robert LevyShamoon College of EngineeringCivil EngineeringEarthquake Engineering;, Fragility Curves Of Buildings An Infrastructures, Mitigation Strategies For Earthquakes And
Ron LaviTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyIndustrial Engineering And ManagementDesign Of Smart Traffic Networks, Incentives For
Roni FactorThe Hebrew University of JerusalemInstitute Of CriminologyRoad Safety, Traffic Violations, High-Risk And Delinquent Behaviors, Police And Criminal Justice
Ronit PurianTel Aviv UniversityInformation SystemsUser Interface, Pedestrian Cognition, Data Strategy, Data
Shaked OfekBen-Gurion University of the NegevFaculty Of EngineeringData Visualization, Transit Data Analysis, Bus Lane Data Analysis,
Shalhevet ZurKinneret Academic CollegeQuality And Reliability EngineeringTransportation Safety Climate, Transportation Management Standards, Quality
Shie MannorTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyElectrical EngMachine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Pricing And Mechanism Design,
Shlomi HacohenAriel UniversityMechanical EngineeringMotion Planning, Behavior
Shlomit Flint AsheryBar-Ilan UniversityDepartment Of Geography And EnvironmentGeodesign Strategy, Planning Policy And
Shlomo BekhorTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyCivil and Environmental EngineeringRoute Choice, Traffic Assignment, Demand Forecasting, Air
Shlomo GellerAriel UniversityMechanical Engineering And MechatronicSpeed Profiles, Traffic Flow, Energy
Shraga ShovalAriel UniversityIndustrial EngineeirngMobile Robotics, Motion Planning, Autonomous Vehicles, Trusted
Shuki WolfusBar-Ilan UniversityPhysicsWireless Charging, Energy And Power Management, Energy Storage, Electric
Sima Michal Elkabets SlukiShamoon College of EngineeringCivil Engineering Extreme Events Engineering, Resilience & Robustness Of Critical Infrastructres, Risk Analysis And Assessment For Critical Infrastructres, Stochastic
Stav RosenzweigBen-Gurion University of the NegevManagementDriving Behavior, Energy Consumption, Safety
Svetlana DaichmanShamoon College of EngineeringIndustrial Engineering And Management Optimization , Elderly , Literacy , Transportation
Tal GrinshpounAriel UniversityIndustrial Engineering And ManagementDemand Responsive Transportation, Ev Charging, Adversarial Machine Learning, Optimization In
Tal Oron-GiladBen-Gurion University of the NegevIndustrial Engineering And Management Autonomous Vehicles, Drivers, Professional Drivers,
Tal ZarskyUniversity of HaifaLawInformation Privacy` Law, Gdpr, Data Security Regulation, Critical Infrastructure, Telecom
Tomer ToledoTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyCivil And Environmental Eng. Traffic Simulation, Travel And Driving Behavior Models, Traffic Management And
Uzi Freund-FeinsteinKinneret Academic CollegeDepartment Of Tourism And Hotel ManagementAirport Access, Smart Mobility, Customer Experiance, Smart
Vadim IndelmanTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyAerospace EngineeringPerception, Autonomous Navigation, Decision Making Under Uncertainty, Collaborative Mapping And
Victoria GitelmanTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyTransportation Research InstituteTraffic Safety, Traffic Engineering, Road Infrastructure, Road User
Wafa EliasSami Shamoon College of EngineeringCivil Engineering DepartmentTravel Behavior, Road Safety, Sustainability and Security in
Yael NaotKibbutzim College of EducationEducationSocial Justice, Empathy, Multiculturalism,
Yair Ein-EliTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyMaterials Science And EngineeringBatteries, Fuel Cells, Electromobility,
Yaron Bar-LavieTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyMedicine / Critical Care Medicine Rambam Medical CenterTreatment Of Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries , Hospital Intensive Care
Yehudit Judy DoriTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyEducation In Science And TechnologyHigher Education, High School Students, Public Engagment, Project
Yoash LevronTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyElectrical EngineeringPower Electronics, Power Systems, Management And Control Of Storage
Yonatan SavirTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyMedicineScheduling, Bio-Inspired Algorithms
Yoram HaleviTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyMechanical EngineeringControl, Optimization, Optimal
Yoram ShiftanTechnion - Israel Institute of TechnologyFaculty of Civil and Environmental EngineeringTransportation system analysis, Transportation and air quality, Activity based modeling, Travel
Yosef YeshurunBar-Ilan UniversityPhysicsElectric Cars, Autonomous Vehicles, Dynamic Energy
Yuval HadasBar-Ilan UniversityDepartment of ManagementPublic Transportation, Logistic distribution systems, Routing, Network planning, Evaquaction and Emergency, Logistic Information Systems, GIS in Transportation and
Zehavit GrossBar-Ilan UniversitySchool Of EducationAdolescents, Identity, Socialization.Tolerance, Peace Education, Values Education, Moral Education, Jewish And Arab Adolescents, Discipline Problems, Stereotypes Prejudice, Gender, Informal Education, Simulations In Education, Decision Making In Education, Leadership,