The 2nd Israeli Smart Transportation Research Center (ISTRC) Annual Conference was hosted by the Transportation Research Institute (TRI) at the Technion in honor and memory of Prof. Joseph (Yossie) Prashker and his research.  

The Prashker family's contribution to the organization of the conference and hosting the distinguished guests is highly appreciated.

In addition to Prof. Prashker's contributions to transportation planning research and outstanding research achievements, he also served as Chief Scientist for the Israeli Ministry of Transportation (MOT) and as an adviser to the IDF on logistics and transportation.

The goal of the conference is to connect research in smart transportation with advanced practice. Bringing together leading experts and promising young researchers. The scope of the conference includes all aspects of transport systems analysis, including:

  • Vehicle and transport modes
  • Traffic management and control
  • Innovative transportation services
  • Policy, transportation planning and smart cities
  • Road users’ behavior
  • Mobility safety and security
  • Big data and analytics
  • Automation and connectivity
  • Models and algorithms


July 3-4, 2022


Technion, Rabin Building and Grand Water Research Institute (GWRI)


Researchers from academia, industry and government who are involved in research on Smart Transportation

Local Organizing Committee at the Technion:
Jack Haddad, Yoram Shiftan, Shlomo Bekhor and Tomer Toledo