The 3rd Annual & Students Conference of the Israeli Smart Transportation Research Center (ISTRC)

June 27-28, 2023

Keynote: Electric - Connected - Automated Mobility Prospects: The European ExperienceProf. George A. Giannopoulos, Professor Emeritus Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, C. Member Academy of Athens, Adv. Professor, Beijing Jiaotong University
Keynote: Artificial Intelligence Transforms the Transportation System Shira Lev Ami, CEO, National Digital Agency
Session 5A: Machine Learning and Simulation models
Incorporating Domain Knowledge in Deep Neural Networks for Discrete Choice Models  Shadi Haj Yahia, Omar Mansour and Tomer Toledo
Identifying Travel and Access Modes to the Main Activity Using Classification Methods  Shira Hershkovich, Avigail Ferdman and Shlomo Bekhor
A Reinforcement Learning Approach for Lead Vehicle Routing in a Semi-Autonomous Last-Mile Transportation System  Avital Shamir and Mor Kaspi
Guarding deep neural networks using scenario-based modeling  Adiel Ashrov and Guy Katz
Towards a Comprehensive Simulation Tool for Urban Air Mobility  Jack Haddad and Roni Zehavi
Session 5B: Shared Mobility Services
Evaluating the factors that contribute to carpool choice with explicit considerations of household and non-household members carpoolers Amneh Nassar and Yoram Shiftan
Sustainable automated mobility on-demand strategies in dense urban areas  Gabriel Dadashev, Yedidya Levi and Bat-Hen Nahmias-Biran
A ridesharing simulation platform that considers dynamic supply-demand interactions  Shlomo Bekhor
Session 5C: Vehicles
Robotic Solutions for Wireless EV Smart ChargingAndrey Vulfovich and Alon Kuperman
Road test of an aerodynamic drag-reducing device connected to the rear-end of a small trailer  Niv Mizrahi, Ofek Katz, Matthias Fromm, Yarden Turgeman, Bar Mizrahi, Ofek Drori, Zeev Sudarskis and Avraham Seifert
Formula Technion Student TeamMajd Jaraysi
Capacitance Reduction in On-board Chargers for PHEV and EV Applications  Pavel Strajnikov and Alon Kuperman
Studies of Electrolyte Solutions for Nonaqueous Mg Electrochemistry  Ben Dlugatch
Session 7A: Delivery of Goods
A Column Generation Approach for Public Transit Enhanced Robotic Delivery Services  Yishay Shapira and Mor Kaspi
The Restaurant Meal Delivery Problem with Ghost Kitchens  Gal Neria, Florentin Hildebrandt, Michal Tzur and Marlin Ulmer
Dynamic parcel routing in hyper-connected networks  Shachar Eizen, Michal Tzur and Tal Raviv
Dynamic resource allocation to achieve efficiency and fairness  Gal Neria and Michal Tzur
Session 7B: Autonomous Vehicles
Non-Stopping Junctions via Traffic SchedulingShlomi Dolev, Ehud Gudes and Hannah Yair
Model Based Motion Planning and Control for Autonomous Vehicles in Dynamic Environments  Raz Machlev and Zvi Shiller
Modeling and Control for Low-altitude Air City Transport SystemsYazan Safadi, Nikolas Geroliminis and Jack Haddad
Coordination of Mobile Agents along Given Paths with Bounded Junction ComplexityMikkel Abrahamsen, Tzvika Geft, Dan Halperin and Barak Ugav
Session 7C: The Impact of Policy Measures
Ethical Navigation System  Amneh Nassar and May Tal Aaron Sirote
A combined Mode Choice and Assignment model for mixed traffic of Autonomous and Human Driven vehicles  Michael Sorani and Shlomo Bekhor
The Basic Characteristics of the On-Street Parking Search  Aleksey Ogulenko, Itzhak Benenson and Nir Fulman
Embedding Real-World Cues in Virtual Reality Environments to Mitigate Concerns of Autonomous Vehicle PassengersNadia Fereydooni, Einat Tenenboim, Bruce Walker and Srinivas Peeta
Session 12A: Travel Behavior
Evaluating Public Transport Choice Set Generation using Trajectory Data collected from Household Travel Survey Gal Shachar and Shlomo Bekhor
Travel Behavior differences between Arab and Jewish Communities in IsraelDiana Saadi and Karel Martens
Encouraging Sustainable Transportation Behavior Through Gamification: A Systematic Review of the LiteratureMatan Singer and Sigal Kaplan
On the Way to the Optimal Urban Micro-Mobility Policy: The Use of the Shared Dockless E-Scooters in Tel-Aviv  Ofer Shahal, Itzhak Benenson, Aleksey Ogulenko and Arik Talor
Session 12B: Public Transport
Twitter-sourced public transportation travelers' satisfaction during COVID19 in San Francisco.  Eliya Tzarfaty and Eran Ben-Elia
Public Transportation Literacy and the Accessibility of Elderly travelers under MaaS  Eran Ben Elia, Hillel Bar Gera, Svetlana Daichman, Amit Buhbut and Nir Maayan
Examine the feasibility of incorporating more walking into a commute with public transportation  Dan Emanuel Katz, Yuval Hadas and Jonathan Rabinowitz
Using Big Data science and passenger complaints for debugging public transport  Yodfat Benshalom and Sigal Kaplan
Session 12C: Fuel Cells
Degradation Mechanisms of Platinum Group Metal-Free Oxygen Reduction Reaction Catalyst based on Iron Phthalocyanine  Hilah Clara Honig and Lior Elbaz
A high efficiency energy alternative to avoid a sudden energy debacle in Israel  John Douglin and Dario Dekel
Development of Transition Metal Oxides for Oxygen Evolution Reaction  Michal Mizrahi and Wenjamin Moschkowitsch
The effect of cross-linker length and the pore size distribution on the activity in porphyrin aerogels  Yeela Persky and Lior Elbaz
Session 14A: Employers' Role in Sustainable Mobility
Workplace responsibility for employee mobility? An analysis of the scope of responsibility in the CSR/ESG standards  Yaara Tsairi and Karel Martens
A data-driven approach to assess and improve public transport drivers’ well-being and satisfaction  Guy Wachtel and Yuval Hadas
When Transportation Organizations Adopt Algorithmic Managers: Tensions between Augmentation and Automation in a Case Study of a Public Transportation Company  Yaara Welcman and Lior Zalmanson
Keep an Eye on Your Employees, But Not Two: An Experimental Study of Online Monitoring, Performance, and Effort  Eyal Winter
Session 14B: Safety
Safety & Dilemma zone analysis of signalized intersections' data acquired by video analytics Ophir Gal and Hillel Bar Gera
Investigating Intervention Road Scenarios for Teleoperation of Autonomous Vehicles  Felix Tener and Joel Lanir
How Different Levels of Semantic Segmentation Affect the Human Perception of Driving Scenes  Alice Cohen, Joel Lanir and Avinoam Borowsky
An examination of the potential for reducing motorcycle rider injury in Israel by promoting the use of protective clothing with airbags  Victoria Gitelman and Shalom Hakkert