Corona Research Webinar

ISTRC “CoroNa” Research Reports- Special Webinar – RECORDING

July 21, 2021

Prof. Yoram Shiftan, ISTRC


Upon the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the Israeli Smart Transportation Research Center initiated a Call for Research named “CoroNa” for research proposals targeting transportation and coronavirus.

A total of 38 proposals were submitted from 13 academic institutions, of which 6 proposals won a total of ILS 550,000, involving 14 researchers from 5 academic institutions in Israel.

Click HERE to see the research topics, the names of the researchers and the academic institutions that won the “CoroNa” Call for Research.

This webinar presents the research that was carried out by the six winners of the “CoroNa” Call for Research.


FULL WEBINAR or specific lectures via the links below

Opening Words
Prof. Yoram Shiftan

Transportation preferences during COVID19 epidemic
Prof. Gil Luria and Dr. Hadas Marciano, University of Haifa

Passenger behavior in a Level 3 autonomous vehicle used to transport Corona patients
Prof. Eyal Yaniv, Bar-Ilan University

Examining travel behavior changes among users of car-sharing services in times of COVID-19 outbreak
Prof. Tomer Toledo, Technion

Pedestrian walking patterns and traffic in Tel-Aviv, Israel, during COVID-19 quarantine and exit-quarantine policies, using BT sensor technology
Prof. Pnina Plaut and Dr. Sagi Dalyot, 

Spatially-explicit modeling of SARS-CoV-2 spread by public transport
Dr. Ido Klein, Dr. Aleksey Ogulenko and Prof. Itzhak Benenson, 
Tel Aviv University

Autonomous charging system
Prof. Amir Shapiro, Shmulik Edelman and Yotam Regev, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Closing words
Prof. Yoram Shiftan, ISTRC