Avital AngelTechnion – Israel Institute of TechnologyArchitecture and Town PlanningPhDProf. Pnina PlautMeasuring street-level walkability and its influencing factors – A big-data-based research
Yaara Tsairi
* Pending starting PhD studies in the 2022 academic year.
Technion – Israel Institute of TechnologyArchitecture and Town PlanningPhDProf. Karel MartensJustice and equity in employer policy towards employee transport
Meital TurgemanBar-Ilan UniversityDepartment of ChemistryPhDProf. Doron Aurbach and Dr. Netanel ShpigelImproved High-Energy Na-NCM Cathode Prepared by Ion Exchange Route via Application of Various ALD TreatmentsArticle in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2022, 14, 41: M. Turgeman et al., "Unique Mechanisms of Ion Storage in Polyaniline Electrodes for Pseudocapacitive Energy Storage Devices Unraveled by EQCM‑D Analysis"
Bar GavrielBar-Ilan UniversityDepartment of ChemistryPhDProf. Doron Aurbach and Dr. Netanel ShpigelAqueous Batteries for Personal Transportation
Yazan SafadiTechnion – Israel Institute of TechnologyFaculty of Civil and Environmental EngineeringPhDProf. Jack HaddadTraffic Flow Modeling and Control of Macroscopic Fundamental Diagrams for Low-Altitude Air City Transport
Oksana SabinikBen-Gurion University of the NegevFaculty of Engineering Sciences/ Department of Industrial Engineering & ManagementPhDProf. Hillel Bar-GeraPartially Flexible Demand Responsive Transit services
Felix TenerUniversity of HaifaFaculty of Social Sciences / Information SystemsPhDDr. Joel LanirHuman-Machine Interaction Researcher and DesignerArticle in ACM Digital Library: F. Tener and J. Lanir, "Driving from a Distance: Challenges and Guidelines for Autonomous Vehicle Teleoperation Interfaces"
Inbal OffenTechnion – Israel Institute of TechnologyGrand Technion Energy ProgramPhDProf. David EisenbergLow-cost Ni-based catalysts for ammonia oxidation for direct ammonia fuel cells (DAFC): understanding of the mechanism
Michal HochmanBen-Gurion University of the NegevIndustrial and Management EngineeringPhDProf. Tal Oron GiladToward a better design of the interaction between a crossing pedestrian and fully autonomous vehicles (FAVs): Investigating pedestrians' understanding, intention to cross, and their behavior
Gal NeriaTel Aviv UniversityIndustrial EngineeringPhDProf. Michal TzurDynamic routing to achieve efficient and fair distribution
Shimon RegevBen-Gurion University of the NegevMechanical EngineeringPhDDr. Shai Arogeti and Dr. Achiya ElyasafMulti-Objective Control Strategies for Non-Cooperating Autonomous Robots
Moran BarenboimTechnion – Israel Institute of TechnologyTechnion Autonomous Systems ProgramPhDProf. Vadim IndelmanQualitative Belief Space Planning
Golan Ben-DorTel Aviv UniversityPorter School of the Environment and Earth Sciences, Department of Geography and Human EnvironmentPhDProf. Itzhak Benenson and Prof. Eran Ben-EliaDynamic Metropolitan Simulation of Shared Automated Vehicles in a Multimodal Transportation System
Adiel AshrovThe Hebrew University of JerusalemThe School of Computer Science and EngineeringPhDDr. Guy KatzGuarding Neural Networks using Scenario-Based Modeling
Michael FleicherAriel UniversityComputer ScienceMasterDr. Azaria Amos and Dr. Oren MusicantReducing Stress reactions to Autonomous Vehicles Passengers
Orel YarkoniBen-Gurion University of the NegevDepartment of Industrial Engineering and ManagementMasterProf. Avinoam BorowskyBehavioral adaptation in conditional autonomous vehicle
Yanai AnkaouaBen-Gurion University of the NegevGuilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management / Department of Business AdministrationMasterDr. Ofir Rubin and Dr. Stav RosenzweigHow to promote efficient and green transportation? Assessing policy measures and consumer behavior
Shachar EizenTel Aviv UniversityIndustrial Engineering and ManagementMasterProf. Michal Tzur and Prof. Tal RavivSystem for Shipping Parcels from E-commerce
Shachaf Ben-GalTel Aviv UniversityIndustrial Engineering DepartmentMasterProf. Michal TzurThe Online Ride-hailing Problem with Fairness Considerations
Tom YotamTechnion – Israel Institute of TechnologyMathematicsMasterProf. Vadim IndelmanQualitative Simultaneous Localization and Mapping
Raz MachlevAriel UniversityMechanical Engineering and MechatronicsMasterProf. Zvi ShillerMotion Planning in Dynamic Environments for Autonomous Vehicles
Andrey VulfovichBen-Gurion University of the NegevSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringMasterProf. Alon KupermanOptimization of WPT Systems for Electrical Vehicles2021 IEEE 62nd International Scientific Conference on Power and Electrical Engineering of Riga Technical University (RTUCON), 2021: A. Vulfovich, A. Kuperman and M. Sitbon, "Primary Capacitance Control of S-S Compensated IWPT Link Voltage Gain"